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Get $50 off your Casper Mattress by using code "karina": I made slime at 3am and it went wrong!!! Come meet me on Tour! TICKETS HERE: SHE GOT SLIME IN THE MAIL! Can you mail slime? When will all the slime end? No end in sight now. We also get something else pretty cool in the mail. Welcome to The Greers! Our goal is to Hey guys! Todays slime review was awesome :) Testing different glues: Testing different . Click => I GOT CORGI BUTT SLIME? Sub Slime review Slimeatory #315 Making Giant Slime Bubbles! 3 Kids In a Bubble! Slime How to! In this DIY slime tutorial I'll show you how to make slime that you can make giant slime bubbles with! You can actually get inside! Hello everyone! Today I'm making slime in target! Making slime in public! I hope you enjoy this! Love you! Thanks for an amazing year 2017! Happy New Year! :) Inspired by: RainbowPlayMaker Hey guys! I went and made slime in Walmart for you guys! I thought this was really fun but I was also very anxious and nervous. We took it up a step from last time and made a gallon of fluffy my social media instagram // twitter // tumblr //

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