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A 3 hour long collection of Christmas songs. 0:00 Here Comes Santa Claus -- Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters 3:05 Feliz Navidad -- Beth and Scott 5:32 Best FAILS all compiled into 1 video! ENJOY. This Christmas compilation features some of the most funny Christmas fails and gifts of 2015! Ranging from a kid opening a game that was 2k15 instead of 2k16 . Click => NEW Ultimate Christmas Compilation - Funny Fails & Gifts! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Let's get into the Holiday spirit!! I have put together some of the greatest Christmas songs of all time along with a nice backdrop and Look what happens if you get a child for Christmas or birthday a present he or she wished for! Pure happiness but very annoying if you ask me :P Hope you like Parents enjoy Christmas just as much as kids. It's no wonder we have so many Christmas toy fails featuring grown ups! SUBSCRIBE: Want Hope You're Having a Great Day :D RomanAtwoodVlogs | RomanAtwood | Brittney Smith ▻ Yesterdays Video - JOIN TEAM 2M! NEW VIDS MON, WED & FRI !! LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE!

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