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Duration: 10 Minutes 51 Seconds Definition: hd Dimension: 2d Year: 2018 Views: 27564 Like: 33 DisLike: 7 Favorite: 0 Category: People & Blogs Authors: KiddyPop Post: Admin Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch Children Story Book Read Aloud Online with Full Text. Don't we all hate it when it is rainy and muddy? This is a story of one incredible mud puddle that won't leave Julie Ann alone. She just can't catch a break. Jule Ann is attacked by a mud puddle. Watching full length, like, share, subscribe and comments will all help to make our channel more visible. It only makes it worthwhile to continue if we . Click => Mud Puddle by Robert Munsch, read aloud - ReadingLibraryBooks Julie Ann wants to play outside but keeps getting attacked by a mud puddle. What is she going to do? Visit for the free lesson. Adam Reads for reading week! Track 1 off of Robert Munsch's 2006 release 'Murmel Murmel Munsch'. Similar to Fred Penner, Raffi, and Franklin The Turtle. For more information, visit Download 'Murmel Niagara University's Repertory Theatre performs "Mud Puddle" by Robert N. Munsch. The Mud Puddle Written by Robert Munsch. Illustrated by Sami Suomalainen. Published by Annick Press, 1996.

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