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Music director MM Keeravani had made some sensational comments on some directors. This tweets from MM Keeravani are very surprising. Watch the video to Baahubali Music director MM Keeravani reveals some Unknown facts about RGV / Ram Gopal Varma and he Praises Rajamouli. Check out the full video and MM Keeravani revealed facts about his remuneration and also he talks about his first trials as a music director and also clarified the disputes with Raghavendra . Click => MM Keeravani Reveals His Remuneration, Disputes With Raghavendra Rao | Open Heart With RK | ABN Music Director MM Keeravani in Open Heart with RK opens up about his family background and revealed the reasons behind his up and downs in life. Rajamouli is SCARED of MM Keeravani Wife's Srivalli! Check out the full details on Why is Rajamouli Scared of Srivalli in this video on Super Movies Adda. Ramajogayya Sastry, an eminent lyricist in Telugu film industry strikes an honest conversation with TNR at iDream. He penned lyrics for more than 700 songs in at Anumaaspadam audio release function on 13 Jan 2007 Hyderabad, when keeravani expressed his ambition to sing for ilaiyaraaja, he made him sing instantly MM Keeravani talks about his assistance with Director Ram Gopal Varma and also he shares his views on spiritual matters and shared his married life matters

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