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Duration: 2 Minutes 11 Seconds Definition: hd Dimension: 2d Year: 2018 Views: 596197343 Like: 5796089 DisLike: 959914 Favorite: 0 Category: Music Authors: Lil pump Post: Admin

MUSICA DO BALIAN - Produção de vídeo e Direção: @RonaldoPiovezan Produção de Audio: Thales Reys - @ThalesReys Letra: Neto Lyra NOSSO INSTAGRAM - @Neto.lyra / @Guilherm Lil Pump "Gucci Gang" Speaker Prank in Walmart! (Cops Come) Went to Walmart on Black Friday and filmed this video of us doing a speaker prank and a Christmas tree fort! If you guys do enjoy BUY BEATS 20k on insta!? twitter soundcloud . Click => If LIL PUMP - Gucci Gang was an EDM banger Lil Pump - Gucci Gang (Ramzoid Remix) (Bass Boosted/Edit) Hey Guys : ) Do you Like BASS? Then stick around and Subscribe! My Patreon : Thank You All Song Instrumental: (LYRICS) YUH! OOFER-GANG OOF! OOFER-GANG YUH! It's the MasterDad speaking :Corus OOF-er Gang (x7) Spent 2 robux in new chains Gucci 2016 Blooms & GG Marmont Pumps Unboxing & First Impression review. Includes sizing, price, fit. We also discuss the rise of Gucci this 2016, from the Dionysus, through to the Disco, the Lil pump gucci gang minecraft parody instrumental remake by HUGE THANKS TO MR SCOUTS FOR HELPING MAKE THE VIDEO

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