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KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 in 2018. Find more information: Originally aired at We finally played Kingdom Hearts III, and it's sure to delight. But doesn't seem like it'll solve any of the issues the series has dealt with since day one. ディズニー映画『シュガー・ラッシュ』の“Fix-It Felix”との連携も! スクウェア・エニックスより2018年に発売される『KINGDOM HEARTS III(キングダム . Click => PS4『KINGDOM HEARTS III』先行プレイ動画 #2 多彩な乗り物で大暴れ!【Game Play Movie】 Hello again! Since some of you requested that I uploaded this, here you go. This video and the contents within it are NOT MINE!!!! They belong to Gamespot. At long last, we finally go hands-on with the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III. After spending time in the Olympus and Toy Story worlds, the Allies share their 最後に繰り出すド派手な必殺技に注目! スクウェア・エニックスより2018年に発売される『KINGDOM HEARTS III(キングダムハーツIII)』の先行プレイ動 Kingdom Hearts III hands-on demo and impressions can be found here from KH3 Premiere Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts 3 Disney Square Enix.

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