Kingdom Hearts 3 "Don't Think Twice" Trailer REACTION!



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I did a cover of Don't Think Twice from Kingdom Hearts 3, please listen to it! Follow my Video Game Cover Playlist if you want, there are lots more covers like We got 2 Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers at D23 2018 Tokyo! Including one that has the official theme song of the game! Check out my Analysis of the "Don't Think My version/arrangement of the Kingdom Hearts 3 theme: Don't Think Twice, by Utada Hikaru. ~ DOWNLOAD LINKS ~ ▻iTunes: . Click => KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - Don't Think Twice (Main Theme - Trailer Ver.) - Tsuko G. Cover KINGDOM HEARTS III Theme Song Trailer – "Don't Think Twice" Original Song by Hikaru Utada 宇多田 ヒカル I was super excited to see Utada Hikaru's theme song for KH3 released, so I decided to remix the song in the style of Simple and Clean/Sanctuary. Hope you KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 in 2018. Fore More Information: International superstar HMK'S REACTION TO THE 2nd D23 2018 TRAILER OF KINGDOM HEARTS 3! WITH THE NEW SONG BY UTADA HIKARU!!! Consider supporting HMK on I did a clean version from the Trailer Expo Japan 2018 W/ English Subs (Lyrics) (English version) KINGDOM HEARTS III OST Theme Song Trailer – “Don't Think

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