Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Official)



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Katy Perry Hot N Cold Video. hope you enjoy, and thumbs up if you liked {: no copywrite intended, i do not own this song. . Click => Katy Perry - Hot N'Cold Lyrics Video parodia del video clip de Katy Perry, Hot n' cold. Realizado para el cumpleños de 15 de Maite. 1/1/2014. Katy Perry cantando "Hot N Cold" con Elmo en Plaza Sésamo! You wanna play so I wore dressed up clothes Then you ran away, leave me here in this pose How am I suppose to play with you? You're hot n cold katy perry. Perry performed a version of the song with Elmo from Sesame Street, which was originally scheduled to run on the 41st-season premiere of the educational children's program on September 27,

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