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In this week's Best Pets of the Week we have precious cat friends snuggling, a puppy trying to cool off from the summer heat, a bird doing some magic and more! This week's best pets of the week includes a bulldog living his best life in a helicopter, two rap siblings fighting over food, a tap dancing cockatiel and more! Kittens getting baths, corgis getting massages, dancing birds and more in this week's best pet videos of the week! Enjoy this hilarious pet compilation to start off . Click => Best Pets of the Week | May 2018 Week 1 In this week's best pets of the week video, we have a puppy who masters the game of golf, a kitten befriending a pony, a very needy lizard and more! The Pet From horses doing yoga, corgis going on a big vacation, and dogs singing, these are the best pets of the week! Enjoy all our our favorite animal videos in one Another week, another compilation of amazing pet videos! From two dogs giving each other the biggest hug to a dog and pig becoming best friends, here are the Here are the best pets of the week including dogs, cats, birds, foxes and even meerkats! Enjoy this funny pet compilation and don't forget to submit any of your This week's best pet videos include a dog playing in a winter wonderland obstacle course, a cat eating pizza, a puppy discovering its reflection and more!

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