Five Little Babies Dancing on the Chairs 5 little Monkeys Jumping on the bed Nursery Rhyme Songs


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These cute babies has a mad dancing skills. Who knows, maybe they are future best dancers. ✓ Like Us on FACEBOOK ✓ Follow Us on TWITTER Funniest Babies Dancing So Cute Compilation, Funny Kids Videos November 2016 Wish people watching fun video :) Please LIKE - COMMENT - SUBSCRIBE :) Thank you! The last time I uploaded this it had over 150000 views, maybe lets try and hit higher this time?! (EDIT: 8th January 2018) One Million views. One million. I originally made this video at . Click => Evian Baby Dance ANIMATION - Little Einsteins Remix Link Video: Link website : ------------------- Welcome to Best Babies Youtube Channel Have a nice time watching our content.The Welcome to Hazel Rabbit & Friends! Feel free to give us a like if you enjoy our new video :) Facebook : Instagram : Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Best Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs from Dave and Ava Download Dave and Ava's App for iOS ▻ and Android ▻ Please subscribe on my channel: Five Little Babies Dancing on the Chairs 5 little Monkeys Jumping on the bed Nursery Subscribe to Rachael Ray: More Audrey Nethery and Rachael Ray: The holidays are here and we can't

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