ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "Climate Change is a Scam!"



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Dr. James Hansen educates Tea Party Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) on the facts of climate change during a Senate Committee hearing on whether the Keystone More than 15000 scientists issue a warning about climate change, extreme weather and global warming. To read more: »»» Subscribe Get the FACTS about climate change: Don't miss our next video! SUBSCRIBE! ▻▻ ↓ More info and sources . Click => Why People Don't Believe In Climate Science Facts and data alone won't inspire people to take action in the fight against global warming. So what will? This is the sixth episode of Climate Lab, a six-part This week in Paris negotiators from 195 countries will try to reach a deal aimed at reducing global carbon emissions. But what do scientists generally accept as Russia's deadly wildfires, the smog-filled cities and poor harvest, are being seen by some environmentalists as signs of man-made climate change. But Piers Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says lawmakers and the media cherry pick scientific papers to reinforce political ideals on climate change and says it's John Oliver hosts a mathematically representative climate change debate, with the help of special guest Bill Nye the Science Guy, of course. Connect with Last

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